Ancorichnus HEINBERG

Ancorichnus HEINBERG, 1974


Type ichnospecies:
Ancorichnus ancorichnus HEINBERG, 1974


Cylindrical meniscus filled trace fossil with a structureless tube-shaped mantle, preserved in full relief, hyporelief or epirelief; mantle is separated from the host rock and central tunnel by a thin micacous mud lining; course of burrow is slightly undulating, subparallel to the bedding plane (DAM 1990).


Ancorichnus is interpreted as being made by an infaunal soft-bodied organism (HEINBERG 1974) who is a mobile depositfeeder (BROMLEY 1996). It is not clear, if the ichnogenus is a repichnion or a domichnion (DAM 1990). It occurs in shallow marine settings (DAM 1990, SINGH et al. 2010).


Known Ages:
Lower Jurassic (DAM 1990) – Miocene (SINGH et al. 2010)


Known ichnospecies:


[Ancorichnus HEINBERG]